-If you never invested in yourself,
try once.

At 24years old, Andres was introduced to network marketing and personal development by his colleague Mattias. Andreas saw an opportunity, but was still a little bit scared and skeptical. But there was something in this that his curiosity couldent let go of. So Andreas took two more meetings to get all the information. And by the third exposure, he decided to get started. Shortley after getting started he was asked to go to the United States and attend the company’s world conference.

First Andreas politely said no and justified it by saying that he had no money. Then Mattias said one sentence that change his whole outlook on life:“If you never have invested in yourself, try once.” Said and done. Andreas borrowed the money that I took to make the trip and if you ask him about it today, he will say that it was the best investment he has made in his life.

12 months after that event, Andrew was able to quit his job thanks to the full-time income the business now provided him. After 4 years Andreas reached the top 20 best paid in the company worldwide and today he is a major player in this professions global arena.

Andreas has now built one of the largest sales organizations in Scandinavia with over 10.000 sales people and have inspired thousands of people to follow their dreams.

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